Plaintiffs’ Leadership Counsel Announce a Settlement Program for Wright Medical Metal-on-Metal Hip Implants

After a hard-fought, almost 5-year battle in federal court in Atlanta, Georgia and in California state court, we are pleased to announce a settlement program that will resolve a significant number of claims against Wright Medical. Wright Medical has agreed to settle approximately 1,300 claims of certain Wright Medical metal-on-metal hip implant patient-claimants whose hips […]

Blowing the Whistle on the ‘Lincoln Law’

With recent legislative efforts to expand whistleblower rights and protections, many businesses have been thrust into the unfamiliar territory accompanying whistleblower reports, complaints, and lawsuits.  Because knowledge is essential in handling claims of this nature, an understanding and familiarity of The False Claims Act is vital for all in-house counsel.  This article provides an overview […]

Pope McGlamry’s Wishing Tree was a success

This holiday season, Pope McGlamry launched the Wishing Tree holiday program benefitting Atlanta-area victims of domestic violence and human trafficking. As part of the initiative, families staying or working with the International Women’s House (IWH) sent Christmas wish cards that were displayed on the firm’s Wishing Tree.   Over the holiday season, Pope McGlamry attorneys and […]

Pope McGlamry Law Firm Launches “Wishing Tree” Community Program

Atlanta, GA  (December 2, 2015) – Pope McGlamry, a law firm with offices in Atlanta and Columbus, announced the launch of a “Wishing Tree” holiday program to help Atlanta-area victims of domestic abuse and human trafficking. To further Pope McGlamry’s ongoing efforts to support the International Women’s House (IWH), the firm has spearheaded a holiday […]

Commercial Carrier Insurance Minimums Need to be Raised

The minimum liability-insurance-coverage amount for commercial truckers has not been raised in some thirty-five (35) years. The minimum-coverage amount currently stands at $750,000 – an amount set in 1980 that, according to the Trucking Alliance, is inadequate to cover 42% – nearing half – of all crashes. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (or FMCSA) […]

Pending lawsuits loom over GM Ignition recall

GM Receives Serious Flak Over Handling Of Recall In a surprising twist in the GM recall case, a U.S. Senator has joined distraught family members in calling for GM’s CEO to issue a strong warning to customers that they should park their affected vehicles and not drive them until the trouble has been fixed. Connecticut […]

Lawsuit filed over ignition recall

The first of what will likely be many lawsuits have been filed against General Motors after the car company announced its recent recall impacting more than 1.6 million vehicles. The proposed class action lawsuit does not revolve around personal injury claims or wrongful death, but instead deals with customers who say their cars lost value because of the defects that led to the recall.

Defective Ignition switch and Wrongful Deaths

There is new information in the ongoing saga over the General Motors faulty ignition switch recall. The sad case, which had led to potentially dozens of deaths, appears to be even more troubling given that GM recently revealed that it knew about the problem years earlier than it previously said.