Pope McGlamry Files Federal Lawsuit Against Exactech for Defective Hip Implant
Atlanta, GA (2/15/2022) On February 11, 2022, Pope McGlamry filed a federal lawsuit against orthopedic device manufacturer, Exactech, Inc. The lawsuit alleges that an implant used during a routine total hip arthroplasty surgery was defectively designed, manufactured, marketed, and sold by Exactech because it contains a polyethylene liner prone to a high rate of early failure from wear, causing severe secondary osteolysis (bone degeneration). A hip liner is the component inserted into the artificial hip socket or cup that interfaces with the femoral head or ball.

Exactech Lawsuit Overview

In September 2013, Pope McGlamry’s client underwent a total hip replacement surgery and received several Exactech artificial components, including the Novation Crown Cup Connexion GXL Liner. Less than eight years after the Exactech product was implanted, the Plaintiff suffered pain and severe osteolysis and required revision surgery. Pope McGlamry’s client alleges Exactech acted negligently, that its implant has design and manufacturing defects, and that Exactech failed to warn doctors and consumers about the unreasonable risk of harm of the device. Additionally, the Plaintiff alleges Exactech negligently made misrepresentations about the 59% reduced wear rate for the Connexion GXL polyethylene liner and that it had “enhanced polyethylene” with a lower wear rate. The case was filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Arkansas, Wilson et al. v. Exactech, Inc., Case No. 4:22-CV-136-BRW.

Exactech Hip Implant Recall

The Exactech hip liner at issue is the Connexion GXL Liner, which is made of irradiated ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE). In marketing its Connexion GXL Liners, Exactech represented that the liners had less wear and would last longer than its competitors’ polyethylene liners. However, in July 2021, Exactech recalled its Connexion GXL acetabular liner following concerns from the medical community that the polyethylene liner was prone to a high rate of early failure from wear and severe secondary osteolysis.

Exactech Knee and Ankle Implant Recall

In addition to the hip recall, on February 7, 2022, Exactech also recalled some of its knee and ankle devices that also have polyethylene liners that lead to accelerated excessive wear, bone loss, and failure requiring corrective surgery.

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  • Novation Connexion Dynamic Hip Systems with Connexion GXL Liner
  • Optetrak (knee)
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