Governmental Entity Representation

Representing Counties, School Districts, Water Utilities & Other Governmental Entities in Opioid, PFAS & Insulin Litigation

Over the last decade, there has been an upward trend of municipalities, school districts, water utilities, and other governmental entities proactively participating in lawsuits to recover or protect public interests. Either as parties to multi-district litigation (MDLs) or class actions, they are joined by hundreds or thousands of similarly situated governmental entities prosecuting cases against common defendants. Pope McGlamry’s decades of experience litigating class actions and serving on leadership in dozens of multi-district litigations makes us well-poised to represent governmental entities. Pope McGlamry proudly represents multiple cities, counties, Georgia’s Community Service Boards, and water utilities in the opioid, AFFF PFAS, and insulin litigations.

Successful Litigation by Governmental Entities

Governmental entities have collectively recovered billions of dollars, with each entity receiving millions of dollars of relief, such as

  • injunctive relief, that is, preventing the defendants from continuing to inflict harm, excessive charging, etc., and
  • funds used to abate the harm and/or save constituents/customers money.

Below are a few examples of recent successful litigation brought by public entities:

State & Local Opioid Settlements

It is estimated that more than $50 billion will be awarded to states and localities as a result of the opioid settlement agreements.

PFAS Water Contamination Settlement

In 2024, cities, counties, and water utilities obtained final court approval for $13 billion worth of settlements against 3M and DuPont for public water systems that are testing and removing PFAS from public drinking water systems.

School District JUUL E-cigarette Settlement

School districts nationwide successfully recovered $235 million against JUUL, the manufacturer of e-cigarettes, because the vaping epidemic has interfered with normal school operations costing districts thousands of dollars.

Active Cases by Public Entities

Insulin Price-Fixing Litigation

Most recently, in August 2023, an MDL consolidated cases alleging insulin manufacturers and pharmacy benefit managers of violating federal racketeering laws in a scheme designed to drastically inflate insulin prices by 600%.[1] Pope McGlamry represents local governments, subdivisions, unions, school boards, for profit and non-profit organizations, helping them recover money wrongfully paid for artificially inflated insulin prices on behalf of the plan and its beneficiaries, treble damages to deter similar future behavior, and injunctive relief to stop the insulin pricing scheme.

[1] In re Insulin Pricing Litigation, MDL 3080, Case No. 2:23-md-03080, in the District Court of New Jersey before Judge Brian R. Martinotti.

Common Causes of Action Pursued by Public Entities

  • Public nuisance claims
  • State consumer protection law violations
  • Unjust enrichment
  • Negligence
  • Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act

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