Broadspire FAQ: Reimbursement for Defective Exactech Devices

Frequently Asked Questions About Broadspire Exactech Claims

Many patients received recall letters from their implanting surgeons or the hospitals where they had surgery informing them of the Exactech recall and a program called Broadspire. Patients impacted by the Exactech Recall are eligible to submit out-of-pocket claims to Broadspire.  However, because Broadspire is an agent of Exactech and shares information with them, patients should proceed very cautiously. Pope McGlamry counsels our clients regarding how to obtain a Broadspire claim number and how to answer questions from Broadspire. We also assist clients who have incurred significant out-of-pocket expenses as a result of their defective Exactech device and revision surgery.

Pope McGlamry is experienced in handling Broadspire claims and works with the Broadspire adjusters on a daily basis for our clients.

Below are a few frequently asked questions about the Broadspire claims process:

What is Broadspire?

Broadspire is a third-party claims administrator and risk management firm. Broadspire works for Exactech and other corporations involved in litigation.

Can I file a lawsuit if I already have a Broadspire claim number?

Yes. Having a claim number with Broadspire does not preclude you from filing a timely lawsuit against Exactech.

Should I call Broadspire before contacting a lawyer?

No. It is preferable that you contact a lawyer first. It is important to remember that Broadspire is an agent of Exactech and can share information you provide to them with Exactech, including your medical records. Pope McGlamry can prepare you for the initial questions that are necessary to obtain a Broadspire claim number and instruct you on which questions not to answer. Please contact us to help you through this process.

Can Pope McGlamry obtain my Broadspire claim number for me if I don’t have one?

No. As it currently stands, only the patient or authorized medical representative can obtain a Broadspire claim number. As discussed above, Pope McGlamry can prepare you for the questions Broadspire will ask and how to answer them. Once the claim number is obtained by the client, Pope McGlamry will send Broadspire a letter of representation and instruct them not to contact you anymore, provide Broadspire with the limited medical records necessary to process your claim, obtain a Payment Authorization Form for you to provide to your medical providers, and if requested handle any out-of-pocket or lost-wages claims submitted and negotiations of same.

What type of information is needed to obtain a Broadspire claim number?

Generally speaking, Broadspire will need the following information to open a claim:

  1. Date of the initial joint replacement surgery
  2. Name of surgeon performing joint replacement surgery
  3. Serial number of your implant (located in your medical records).

Pope McGlamry can assist you with obtaining the necessary information and answering the additional initial questions Broadspire will ask you.

What if I already signed medical authorization forms with Broadspire before hiring a lawyer?

Once you are a Pope McGlamry client, Pope McGlamry will send Broadspire a letter of representation and revoke Broadspire’s ability to request your medical records in the future, stop Broadspire from disclosing your health information to Exactech, and stop Broadspire from speaking with your doctors.

Do I have to talk to Broadspire after I hire Pope McGlamry?

No. After you obtain your initial claim number and hire Pope McGlamry, we will send a letter to Broadspire advising them we represent you and they are not allowed to contact you anymore.

Will Broadspire compensate me for my injuries including pain and suffering in the past and in the future?

No. Broadspire will not provide financial compensation for pain and suffering related to Exactech hip, knee, and ankle implants. Please contact Pope McGlamry to speak with an attorney regarding the coordinated litigations against Exactech.

What type of out-of-pocket expenses does Broadspire provide reimbursement for?

Broadspire typically provides reimbursement for mileage for traveling to doctors’ appointments (i.e., orthopedic surgeon, physical therapy after revision surgery), parking costs incurred for attending doctors’ appointments or hospitalization, co-payments and deductibles not covered by insurance, and medical supplies.

Will Broadspire pay for my lost wages incurred as a result of having a revision surgery?

It depends. Pope McGlamry has been successful in obtaining lost wages for clients who were unable to return to work as a direct result of having an Exactech revision surgery. Please contact Pope McGlamry to speak with an attorney who can discuss your lost wages claim and the documentation that is necessary to submit a claim.

I had an Exactech revision surgery prior to the recalls. Can I still make an out-of-pocket expenses claim to Broadspire?

Most likely. If you incurred out-of-pocket expenses prior to the Exactech hip and knee recalls, contact Pope McGlamry to file a Broadspire claim and discuss what documents are needed to support the claim.

*Please be aware that the Broadspire program is discretionary in how reimbursements are made and reimbursement decisions are subject to change throughout the existence of the program.

Now What?

Please contact Pope McGlamry about your Exactech case and the Broadspire claims process. Pope McGlamry is a nationally recognized class action and personal injury law firm with the expertise and resources to take on large corporations. Call Pope McGlamry at 404-523-7706 or fill out the form below for a free case evaluation.