Exactech Hip and Knee Implant Recall-Lawsuits Against Exactech

Pope McGlamry’s lawyers are handling Exactech recall lawsuits across the country. Pope McGlamry is a nationally recognized leading law firm in medical device litigation. Pope McGlamry has successfully settled more than 3,500 defective hip cases over the last decade and was selected by Harris Martin to present about the Exactech recalls and ensuing litigation to other attorneys in April 2022. Pope McGlamry has the experience and resources required to litigate against Exactech and we are currently scheduled for trial against Exactech in May 2023. When you hire Pope McGlamry for your Exactech case, we will not refer you to another firm, we will personally represent you. Additionally, there is no cost or fee unless we recover money for you from a verdict or settlement.
Recalled Exactech Products:  Hips:  There is an urgent recall for Exactech’s Connexion GXL Liners for Novation, Acumatch and MCS hip replacement systems.  On June 24, 2021 Exactech issued a Frequently Asked Questions bulletin to its implanting Surgeons to let them know that many patients are at a higher risk of premature wear of the Exactech polyethylene Connexion GXL liners in their hip implant replacement systems.  However, Exactech told doctors they were not recalling the liner.  Yet on June 29, 2021 (just five days later), Exactech reversed course and did in fact issue a recall of its hip implants with the FDA.   The FDA recall reports that there are 89,050 affected Exactech devices that may have been implanted in patients since 2008.   
Knees  On August 30, 2021, Exactech notified its distributors and sales representatives of a recall involving knee products with the same polyethylene liner as its hip products. Exactech expanded the recall on February 7, 2022, and sent letters to surgeons and hospitals to notify them of the recall.  The letters to surgeons and hospitals also advised doctors on how to follow up with implanted patients.    The recalled knee systems include the following Exactech products: 
  • Exactech Optetrak (knee) 
  • Exactech Optetrak Logic (knee) 
  • Exactech Truliant (knee) 
Notification of Recall to Patients  Many patients do not know they have an Exactech recalled device implanted inside them.  Exactech provided surgeons with exemplar letters to send to patients with recalled Exactech knees advising them of the recall.  However, Exactech did not provide a similar letter for patients who have a recalled hip implant.  Many surgeons elected not to send out the exemplar knee recall letters, or are unable to get in touch with all of their patients, have since retired or passed away, or do not have an available list of all patients and mailing addresses with recalled Exactech implants.   
How do you Know if You Have a Recalled Exactech Device? If you think you may have an Exactech hip or knee and have undergone revision surgery or are experiencing any of the symptoms listed below, Pope McGlamry will work with you to see if your implanting surgeon was a known user of Exactech products and/or obtain your medical records, specifically your operative report, to determine if you have a recalled Exactech device.   

If you have experienced one of the following symptoms after receiving a recalled Exactech hip or knee implant, you may have a right to compensation:

  • Osteolysis (bone tissue degeneration)
  • Revision surgery required
  • Pain around the implanted device
  • Limited mobility
  • Stiffness in the affected joint
  • Loosening of device components
  • Dislocation
  • Tibial loosening
  • Inflammation
  • Infection
  • Clicking/Popping of Joint

Through diligent work, consultation with safety experts, design engineers, and manufacturing technicians, our attorneys are able to provide you with quality representation if you’ve been injured by a defective product.

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