Pope McGlamry Successfully Negotiates Settlement Against Bausch & Lomb

Pope McGlamry, a prominent Georgia law firm specializing in civil litigation, successfully settled a personal injury/product liability claim against eye care product giant Bausch & Lomb, arising from a defective product developed, manufactured, marketed and sold by Bausch & Lomb.ReNu with MoistureLoc Multipurpose Solution is a contact lens care solution formulated, manufactured, labeled and packaged by Bausch & Lomb (“B&L”).  After using ReNu for 3 weeks, Pope McGlamry’s client woke with excruciating pain in her right eye and experienced eye swelling, light sensitivity, eye burning and itching, and eye spasms.  The client was ultimately diagnosed with Fusarium Keratitis (fungal infection of the cornea).  Her right eye developed a corneal ulcer and scar, which has negatively affected her vision and causes light sensitivity and itching.

Pope McGlamry filed a personal injury/product liability lawsuit against B&L in Federal Court in Atlanta, Georgia.  The suit stated the product was unreasonably dangerous, unsafe and defective, and resulted from a design defect and/or manufacturing defect.  The lawsuit further alleged that B&L was negligent in the design and manufacture of the product and in warning the public about the product (failing to timely issue the recall).  The suit also claimed the product was subject to an implied warranty (of fitness and purpose), but it was not merchantable or fit for the intended purpose.

Due to her eye injury, Pope McGlamry’s client could not perform her job duties and responsibilities as an x-ray technician causing lost wages and reduced earning capacity, nor could she perform the daily tasks of a mother, which caused her to suffer stress, mental pain and anguish.  Pope McGlamry therefore sought significant compensatory damages and punitive damages, as Pope McGlamry claimed B&L’s conduct was wanton and intentional.

Pope McGlamry’s lawsuit was transferred to and joined with hundreds of similar cases in a Multidistrict Litigation (MDL), in Federal Court in South Carolina.  Pope McGlamry remained responsible for its client and all negotiations on behalf of its client.  After Pope McGlamry presented extensive, detailed material supporting its client’s claim, and undertaking extensive negotiations with attorneys for B&L, Pope McGlamry was able to achieve a favorable, confidential, settlement of the lawsuit.

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