Truck Accidents

How to Stay Safe During Holiday Travel

Are you ready for the holidays? Many people think that summer is the main time to worry about dangerous risks when traveling in a car. Specifically, tire blowouts tend to increase during the summer months due to increased heat and longer trips. But, did you know that holiday travel also accounts for a large portion […]

Commercial Carrier Insurance Minimums Need to be Raised

The minimum liability-insurance-coverage amount for commercial truckers has not been raised in some thirty-five (35) years. The minimum-coverage amount currently stands at $750,000 – an amount set in 1980 that, according to the Trucking Alliance, is inadequate to cover 42% – nearing half – of all crashes. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (or FMCSA) […]

Ford Faces Potential $200 Million Verdict In Product Liability Case

Jurors in California will now debate what may have led to a terrible auto accident in 2011 that left a young woman and her two children seriously injured following a head-on collision with a Ford F-250. Experts say the jury’s decision regarding whether Ford Motor Company might be liable for the accident could be worth […]