How to Stay Safe During Holiday Travel

holiday_travelAre you ready for the holidays? Many people think that summer is the main time to worry about dangerous risks when traveling in a car. Specifically, tire blowouts tend to increase during the summer months due to increased heat and longer trips. But, did you know that holiday travel also accounts for a large portion of dangerous driving risks? 91% of holiday travel is by personal vehicle.

The holidays are upon us and while we’re all excited about Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah and the numerous celebrations this time of year, we also need to be mindful of travel safety. As cities across America cool down, many people prepare for trips to see family and friends in surrounding states.

Tips for Holiday Travel

If you are traveling during the holidays be sure to keep the following tips in mind before loading up family, food or gifts.

Prepare for Your Drive

Think through your route and consider which days will be best to travel so that you avoid crowded freeways where possible. While we hope you make it to your destination without issues, pack for the worst case scenario. Bring water, food, blankets and warm clothes – just in case you get caught in an unexpected situation.

Check Your Tires

Most drivers check to make sure their car has gas and is in good working condition before they leave for a trip. Unfortunately, a lot of families forget, or simply look over, their tire pressure and tire tread.

Tires tend to lose pressure when the weather turns cold, and tire blowouts are still a factor in winter months. Long trips in the car can put a strain on tires that can lead to rupturing – a dangerous prospect at highway speeds. Traveling families should be especially attentive of their tire tread and mileage if they are traveling to warmer states like Texas and Florida – where heat can play a large factor in tire health.

Unfortunately, most independent tire dealers decline to register their tires with the manufacturers, so owners are not notified of potential dangers in the event of a recall.  Just another reason why it is important to do what you can to keep you and your family safe in your vehicle!

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Don’t Forget the Weather

In November and December, the weather often makes traveling more complicated. Road conditions alone are enough to use extreme caution. When traveling, keep a close eye on the weather where you’re going. Don’t risk it. If a snow storm is standing between you and your Thanksgiving dinner, take a detour or wait out the storm.

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At Pope McGlamry, we want you and your family to stay as safe as possible during this holiday travel season. In the event you do experience a tire blowout, or are involved in a wreck, contact us. We see a lot of tire blowouts during the holiday months, which can sometimes be caused by a defective tire. Because the flaws in defective tires are often internal rather than external, a normal inspection may not uncover them.

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