Auto Defects

Pope McGlamry Attorneys Work to Consolidate Takata Airbag Litigation

A motion is now pending before the Judicial Panel on Multi-district Litigation (JPML) seeking the consolidation of the Takata litigation before a single federal judge. Pope McGlamry has a proven track record litigating mass tort cases and is currently at the forefront of efforts for consolidation of these cases before the Honorable Chief Judge Thomas […]

Takata May Face Federal Investigation for Faulty Airbags

Already the target of multiple lawsuits, including one recently filed in Georgia by Pope McGlamry, Takata Corporation may now be facing a Federal investigation. Three U.S. Senators have called for a criminal investigation of the company after reviewing evidence that the airbag manufacturer had conducted secret tests on their defective airbags four years prior to […]

Takata Airbag Litigation Commences

Three class action lawsuits filed against Takata Corporation, one of the largest global manufacturers of automobile components, have commenced this month in Florida, California, and Georgia. Other companies implicated in the lawsuits include Honda, Bayerische Motoren Werke A.G. (BMW), Ford, Toyota, and Nissan — all of which are vehicle manufacturers who used Takata air bag […]

Ford Recalls 160,000 Vehicles for Engine Wiring Problems

Adding to the 2.3 million Ford automobiles recalled between May and July 2014, the Michigan automaker has issued yet another recall order for roughly 160,000 vehicles. The affected car models include the 2013–14 Focus ST and the Escape crossover. According to the company, the recall has been prompted by complications involving the wiring of the […]

Malfunctioning Power Window Switches Strike Again

General Motors has ordered a third recall on several of its sport utility vehicles, which have been found to suffer from a tendency to catch on fire. This is the latest addition to an already troublesome year for the Detroit-based American automaker, which has issued over 45 recalls this year involving more than 24.6 million […]

Land Rover Adds to Airbag Woes

The auto industry’s problems with defective airbags continue to persist and now Land Rover has added itself to the list of affected carmakers. The British manufacturer recently issued a recall order for over 40 thousand vehicles of the LR2 and Range Rover Evoke models. According to the firm, some Land Rover cars may suffer from […]

Nissan Expands Airbag Recall

After recalling over one million vehicles in early 2014, Nissan has issued a new recall order for another 226,000 cars. While both batches were called in for malfunctioning airbags, the types of issues that have plagued Nissan differ between the recalls. Whereas the initial order targeted automobiles suffering from faulty sensors, Nissan’s latest announcement focuses […]

Ignition Switch Problems Spread to Jeep

After recalling 696,000 vehicles in June for ignition switch problems, Chrysler has recalled a further 792,000 automobiles in late July 2014. General Motors has similarly recalled an estimated 11.6 million cars for defective ignition switches, which were manufactured by Delphi Automotive. Chrysler has not revealed the identity of the manufacturer of the flawed ignition components […]

Takata to Take a Significant Financial Loss for Faulty Airbags

Takata is facing a net financial loss for the fiscal year of 2014–15 for its liability in the recent spur of automobile recalls. Over nine automakers have issued recalls for over 11 million vehicles which have been identified for employing Takata-manufactured airbags. The airbag modules use propellants that are known to malfunction under certain conditions. […]

GM Airbag Defects Related to Faulty Ignition Switch?

A Siemens VDO Automotive report, recently released by a congressional committee responsible for the investigation of General Motors and the firm’s ongoing vehicle component problems, may suggest a link between the faulty ignition switches and airbag defects — both currently affecting a variety of the corporation’s automobile models. While the Siemens analysis did not explicitly establish […]