Wright Conserve Metal-on-Metal Hips Update

Pope McGlamry, Kiesel Law and Ray Boucher are leading the charge against Wright Medical in MDL-2329, a consolidated proceeding pursuing products defect claims relating to Wright Medical Conserve – another defective metal-on-metal hip implant device. Mike McGlamry and Ray Boucher have been appointed as lead counsel for all plaintiffs, while Bill Norwood and Helen Zukin have been selected as co-liaison counsel. These cases have been consolidated into the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, and are overseen by Judge Duffey in Atlanta.


Discovery Process Completed

The parties have largely completed the discovery process, including general discovery for all plaintiffs in the MDL and individual discovery as to ten bellwether plaintiffs. Millions of pages of documents have been produced and reviewed, written discovery has been exchanged and approximately fifty depositions were taken in the MDL. In addition, individual discovery has been largely completed as to the first bellwether trial. Experts have weighed in as to general and specific causation, and the parties have held multiple mediation sessions. Summary judgment motions have also been submitted by both sides.

First Bellwether Case To Be Tried

During the March 31, 2015 status conference, Judge Duffey instructed the parties to re-submit their summary judgment pleadings in a consolidated format to facilitate the Court’s consideration and analysis. Following these re-submissions, to be completed in May, Judge Duffey will re-set the trial date for Christiansen v. Wright Medical, the first bellwether case selected to be tried. We are anticipating and preparing for a late summer or early fall trial.

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