Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit in West Virginia

Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit Moves Forward In West Virginia

Another case concerning the dangers of pelvic mesh went to trial in West Virginia this past week with thousand of other plaintiffs closely watching the results. The trial began this past Monday and concerned a woman who says she was injured after the mesh was implanted to help relieve a problem with incontinence. The woman says that rather than solve her problems, the trans-vaginal mesh implant created new and worse issues such as severe pain and permanent internal damage.

The plaintiff, Carolyn Lewis, originally underwent surgery in 2009 when doctors implanted what is known as transvaginal tape or TVT. Lewis claims that because the product was defectively designed it began to move and has now led to severe bouts of pain. Lewis is suing the medical device maker Ethicon, Inc. in the hopes of collecting compensation for the injuries she sustained.

Lewis’ case is one of more than 26,000 that have been filed against Johnson & Johnson, Ethicon and others who made the plastic devices that were used to treat bladder and other internal organ weaknesses. The devices first appeared in the 1970s and were used to treat hernias. However, doctors noticed that the product was too heavy and often required removal after a short amount of time.

Some doctors had begun experimenting with other uses for the implant and discovered that the hernia mesh was actually useful in treating urinary incontinence, something that was quickly embraced by manufacturers. Plaintiffs’ attorneys now argue that the medical device companies like J&J and Ethicon failed to do the proper research before marketing the products, never even conducting long-term studies regarding the safety of the mesh.

Patients have since complained that the mesh causes inflammation and leads to the formation of painful and hard internal scars. These scars can make urination and sex painful for women and are only fixed by removing the mesh, an expensive and often painful procedure. The transvaginal mesh was used widely and has reportedly caused harm to tens of thousands of unsuspecting women who are only now beginning to bring claims against the manufacturers of the defective devices.

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