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Attorneys Representing Whistleblowers Under the False Claims Act

Pope McGlamry law firm represents whistleblowers when they bring a claim under the False Claims Act, alleging fraud or wrongdoing against the government. Our whistleblower lawyers, including former U.S. Attorney Michael Moore, work hand in hand with our clients as well as state and federal agencies to hold individuals and companies accountable for fraud and other illegal activities. Pope McGlamry is one of the few whistleblower law firms in the country with the extensive legal knowledge and experience required to handle qui tam cases, even if the government declines to pursue the case.

Types of Whistleblower Claims

Our experienced whistleblower attorneys can help you with your case regardless of which state you live in. Our whistleblower practice includes cases involving:

  • Commodities Fraud (CFTC Whistleblowers)
  • Construction and Procurement Fraud
  • Defense Contracting Fraud
  • Disaster Relief Fraud
  • Healthcare Fraud
  • Housing and Mortgage Fraud
  • IRS Fraud
  • Research Fraud
  • Securities and Exchange Commission Fraud (SEC Whistleblowers)

Still have questions? View our Whistleblower FAQ’s to read more about Whistleblower litigation and the False Claims Act.

Whistleblower Cases

Pope McGlamry was recently involved in the litigation of the Tenet Healthcare qui tam lawsuit, leading to a record $513 million settlement. Our success with this case demonstrates our commitment to combating fraudulent activities and ensuring wrongdoers are held responsible for fraud and false claims.Learn more about the complexity of Whistleblower cases by watching the video.

How Do I Blow The Whistle?

If you’ve witnessed some type of fraud, whether it be in your company or your community, contact Pope McGlamry today to get help blowing the whistle on the injustice you’ve seen. We can provide guidance throughout the process and also protect you and your family.

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