In the state of Georgia, premises liability laws state that when a person is injured because of dangerous property conditions, the party responsible for the property may be held legally responsible for the victim’s personal injuries and damages. At Pope McGlamry, we handle premises liability cases involving slips, trips, and falls, negligent security, construction accidents, dog bites and more.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Many people assume that in slip and fall cases, a victim will automatically be given a favorable verdict. What they don’t realize is that many states have laws that protect the property owner, making a victim’s case much harder to win. For that reason, it is imperative to secure an experienced premises liability attorney as soon after the incident as possible.

To successfully negotiate your premises liability claim, our attorneys must prove:

  • The responsible party knew or should have known of the dangerous condition, should have realized that it involved an unreasonable risk of harm and should have expected that people would not discover or realize the danger.
  • The responsible party failed to exercise reasonable care to either make the condition safe or to warn people of the risk involved.
  • The victim did not have reason to know of the dangerous condition and risk involved.

If the party responsible for maintaining the site fails to provide a safe environment or adequately warn of danger, and as a result someone is injured, then they can be held liable for the injured person’s medical bills, lost wages and other hardships. Premises liability applies to homeowners, businesses and even owners of vacant or abandoned lots.

Negligent Security

Property owners are responsible for the safety of people who visit their premises. When they fail to provide adequate security, innocent people can suffer serious injuries, as well as financial losses due to theft and robbery.

Negligent security claims have been successfully used to recover compensation for attacks at:

  • Apartment complexes
  • Shopping centers
  • Hotels
  • ATM kiosks
  • Bars
  • Parking lots

Our Atlanta and Columbus premises liability attorneys have successfully handled numerous negligent security lawsuits and know how to build compelling cases for our clients. Depending on the circumstances, we may seek evidence from surveillance cameras, eyewitnesses, maintenance logs and other sources. Our priority in every case is helping our client obtain justice and compensation.