Wright Medical Hip Replacement Litigation

If you were or a loved one are among the tens of thousands of individuals with a Wright Medical Technology hip implant and are experiencing significant health problems from these defective hip devices, you are among many. Hip implants manufactured by Wright Medical have been shown to cause devastating injuries. The defective design of these devices has resulted in hundreds of revision surgeries, medical expenses and over 200 complaints filed with the FDA. Wright Medical has been named as a defendant in thousands of lawsuits as a result of their failed hip replacement implant devices.

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Which Wright Hip Implants Are Defective?

Defective Wright Medical’s hip implants include:

  • Conserve
    • Femoral Surface Replacement
    • Hip with BFH Technology
    • Total A-CLASS Advanced Metal with BFH Technology
  • Profemur & Perfecta femoral systems
  • Dynasty, Gladiator, Inteseal, Lineage & Procotyl acetabular cup systems

Wright Hip Recalls

Wright Medical has been manufacturing devices used in joint replacements and revisions surgeries since 1950. In fact 60% of their annual sales come from devices used in hip and knee replacement and revision surgeries. However, these devices have caused major complications that stem from their defective design.

Has Wright’s Conserve hip device been recalled? No. Wright Technology has yet to recall the Wright Conserve Plus hip device, regardless of the large amounts of lawsuits in the pipeline and the unacceptably high failure rate.

Has Wright’s Profemur hip device been recalled? No. The FDA’s Manufacturer and User Facility Device Experience (MAUDE) has received 200+ Profemur fracture reports, yet they haven’t called for a Wright Profemur recall.

Injuries Caused By Wright Medical Technology Hips

The Profemur Z hip system and Conserve Plus Total Hip Resurfacing System have unusually high failure rates, resulting from a variety of physical injuries & persistent health problems. The most common symptoms of a failed hip replacement may include

  • Numbness
  • Swelling
  • Infection
  • Hip or groin pain
  • Difficulty walking
  • Component migration or loosening
  • Dislocation and/or fracture

Metal-on-metal hip systems can cause metal ions to leak into the bloodstream, resulting in thyroid dysfunction, renal function impairment, skin rash, depression, cognitive impairment, auditory or visual impairments, and cardiomyopathy.

Wright Hip Settlements

Wright Conserve Settlement Program – Established in 2017 and expected to total $340 million after all the payouts.

Wright Profemur Settlement Program – Pending litigation

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Pope McGlamry fought for the plaintiffs in the first bellwether case against Wright Medical for damages resulting from one of their CONSERVE metal-on-metal hip implants. We have a good understanding of these types of cases and the injuries individuals have sustained due to the failure of these implants. Additionally, we have over 60 years of combined personal injury litigation experience that will allow us to fight for you or your loved one to get the compensation you deserve.

If you or a loved one have had a defective Wright hip replacement device implanted, contact Pope McGlamry for a free consultation.

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