Environmental Contamination
(Toxic Torts)

Manufacturers have created many products that improve lives—but when their products or processes negatively impact the environment they can cause exposure and serious illness on a large scale. A toxic tort is a class action lawsuit brought on behalf of individuals or groups of people impacted by exposure to toxic chemicals or substances

Types of Toxic Torts

People can be exposed to these toxic chemicals or substances from consumer products, pharmaceutical products, the environment or in the home or at work. Common types of environmental contamination cases we see include:
  • Consumer products: Numerous types of consumer products can contain dangerous chemicals, particularly cleaning solvents, paint, pesticides and plastics. These chemicals can be especially dangerous to young children, whose immune systems are weaker.
  • Pharmaceuticals: There are thousands of pharmaceutical products on the market, and drug manufacturers are constantly developing new medications. However, these medications can sometimes cause serious and dangerous side effects. These cases are often against drug manufacturers and distributors for failure to warn about the potential side effects of a particular medication.
  • Occupational Exposure: Numerous industries involve exposure to dangerous chemicals. Thousands of toxic chemicals are used in industry and mining, and workers are often chronically exposed to these substances, which can cause a variety of toxic injuries.
  • Environmental Exposure: Contamination caused by pollution is a common but preventable occurrence—but sometimes it can be committed with criminal intent. For example, it can occur when toxic chemicals are illegally dumped into water resources or chemical fires release pollutants into the air.

Toxic Tort Litigation

In cases where exposure to toxic substances has caused illness or injury, the attorneys at Pope McGlamry have the experience and resources to hold manufacturers responsible for the damages. With our class action legal services, we offer individuals a chance to fight back. Plaintiffs can sue:

  • Manufacturers of toxic products
  • Makers of the machines or devices that spread the exposure
  • Premises owners (or lessees) at the site of the exposure
  • Storage facilities that failed to keep individuals safe from exposure
  • Manufacturers of safety equipment that failed to protect people from the exposure

Whether you’re seeking compensatory (financial), punitive (damages to deter), or injunctive (cease and desist) relief, our highly experienced attorneys will assist you in attaining the resolution and remedy you deserve for the toxic exposure that has impacted your life or livelihood.

Toxic Tort Attorneys

Pope McGlamry has years of experience in class action lawsuits and has won substantial awards for the members of these class action suits, securing total settlements of nearly $1 billion. We have been doing class action work continuously since Rule 23 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure received a drastic overhaul in 1966, giving birth to modern class action. Pope McGlamry has been involved in various types of toxic tort litigation, including: When the neglect and deception of companies result in physical or financial damage, Pope McGlamry is there to set things right—and secure substantial awards for those who take the initiative to help others. If you or a loved one has suffered due to environmental contamination caused by a corporation, we can help you. Contact us today for a consultation with our class action experts. Free Case Evaluation