Tire Defects

Every year thousands of rollover accidents involving SUV’s, passenger vans and trucks happen on our roads, resulting in catastrophic injuries and sometimes death. These accidents oftentimes are a result of tire blowouts or tread separation caused by defects found in tires. A defect, such as lack of cap-ply is known to affect a tire’s performance leading to a blowout, tread loss or tire belt peels that cause the vehicle to lose control and cause a serious accident. Oftentimes the vehicle rolls over and the driver and passengers are seriously hurt or die.

Most drivers are unaware of the age of their tires even though aged tires have been the primary reason some accidents have happened. OIder tires are prone to blowouts and tread separations due to the rubber drying over time. With no restrictions that constitute a tire as old, tires oftentimes sit on store shelves for many years and are still sold as new, although most experts say that the life of a tire is no more than 4 to 6 years.

Types of Tire Defects

Improperly manufactured or designed tires can cause serious injury or death. The most common and widespread defects include:

  • Tire inflation explosion. This occurs when the tire explodes during inflation due to bead, sidewall or rim failure.
  • Tread or belt separation. This occurs when the thread of steel belted radial tires separates from the rest of the tire.
  • Tire Aging. When a tire has been in service for too long and the tread is worn out, the tire is subject to various mechanisms of failure, including blow outs and tread separations.

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