Child Safety Seat Defects

Each year thousands of children are catastrophically injured or killed due to improperly designed child safety seats. The American Academy of Pediatrics reports that vehicular crashes are the leading cause of death of children 4 years old and up. When child safety seats are properly designed to sufficiently restrain child passengers, children have a higher chance of survival when involved in vehicular crashes.

Unfortunately, child safety seat manufacturers are not required to adhere to the same standards required for seats designed for adults, therefore many child safety seats are found to be defective and dangerous. Government regulations for child safety seats and restraints are known to be weak. This allows child safety seat manufacturer’s to omit malfunctions and defective tendencies when reporting test results to regulators. Some known defects in child safety seats include flaws in the harness, base separation, sudden release of the child safety seat, flammable materials used to manufacture the safety seat and weak construction. These defects have been known to cause serious catastrophic injuries and even death.

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