Defective Airbags

Airbags are designed to provide a cushion for the vehicle driver and passengers to help minimize the impact of a collision. A properly functioning airbag is estimated to reduce the risk of fatal injury by 30%.

Unfortunately, when an airbag is defective and fails to perform its proper role, drivers and passengers can be at risk of significant physical injury.

Defective Airbag Malfunctions

Defective airbags can malfunction due to a number of issues. Some common malfunctions include:

Airbag Propellant Wafers

Poorly manufactured airbag propellant wafers can be prematurely set off under certain conditions, especially in hot and humid climates. In these cases, airbags have been known to explode, firing a barrage of metal shards at the driver or passenger.

Ignition Switch Issues

Airbags don't usually function when a car is turned off. This is a concern if a car suffers from a faulty ignition switch, where the car will turn off while driving because of unintentional contact between the driver and the key-chain. Under these circumstances, if the ignition switch problem causes an accident, the airbags may fail to deploy.

Defective Electronic Sensors

In newer vehicles, electronic sensors are responsible for switching airbags on when a driver or passenger is seated. If these sensors are defective or not working well, the airbags may fail to deploy.

Lack of Side Curtain or Canopy Airbag System

In most cases, a connected series of side curtain air bags runs both sides of a vehicle and connects the side airbags to the front. The failure of these to function properly can cause serious injury.

Contact A Defective Airbag Attorney

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