Pope McGlamry’s Lawyers Appointed to Leadership Committees in Multi-District Litigation Against the NFL

Pope McGlamry’s own Michael L. (“Mike”) McGlamry and Wade H. (“Trip”) Tomlinson have been appointed to leadership committees in the multi-district litigation against the NFL for concussion-related injuries. Over 1500 former NFL players have filed individual lawsuits against the NFL alleging that the NFL had for years misled players concerning the risks associated with concussion-related injuries. Similar to the allegations in the tobacco litigation, the former NFL players claim that the NFL’s committee on concussions spent years downplaying independent research showing the casual link between head injuries in football and long term cognitive issues.

With over 1500 individual claims filed and more being filed every day, it is important for the lawyers that represent former NFL players to appoint certain attorneys to leadership roles. Pope McGlamry is honored that its lawyers were chosen to help lead the NFL concussion litigation. Mike McGlamry has been appointed to the Steering Committee that helps govern the course of the litigation for the former NFL players. Mike has also been appointed as the Chair of the Discovery and Document Repository Committee and the Public Relations Committee. Trip Tomlinson has been appointed to the Legal and Briefing Committee.