Pope McGlamry Recovers $2,000,000 in Wrongful Death Suit

Pope McGlamry, a Georgia law firm practicing civil litigation throughout the Southeast, has successfully settled a wrongful death action arising out of an automobile accident near Albany, Georgia for $2,000,000.00. The suit was pending in the Middle District of Georgia, Albany Division, before Hon. W. Louis Sands.

On March 15, 2010, Otis James Girtman was driving on Georgia Highway 62 in Calhoun County, Georgia when another driver ran a stop sign and struck Mr. Girtman’s vehicle. Mr. Girtman’s vehicle flipped and he was pinned inside. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Pope McGlamry represented the widow of the 67 year-old on claims for his wrongful death and for conscious pain and suffering.

Mr. Girtman was truly a remarkable man. He was a husband of 45 years and raised four wonderful children. Shortly after his youngest child left for college, his sister-in-law was killed and the Girtmans took in her three infant children. The youngest of these children was fifteen when he died. Mr. Girtman was also an amazing influence in his community, inspiring those around him to set and obtain loftier goals.

While there is no doubt that Mr. Girtman was a special person and this world is worse off with his passing, unfortunately, Georgia law often allows defendants to argue that the value of a person’s life is limited to the sum of his paychecks. However, one’s salary is only a portion of the “full value” of one’s life, and it is the value of one’s relationships with family and friends that is too often overlooked by lawyers. Pope McGlamry was able to put a team of lawyers in action to go about the considerable task of establishing evidence of the “full value” of the life of Mr. Girtman. We were able to interview thirty (30) family members and friends to document Mr. Girtman’s life and his relationships. As a result, and although liability was contested, the defendants agreed to settle the wrongful death and pain and suffering claims for $2,000,000.00.

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