Pope McGlamry: A Proud Supporter of GABWA

The Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys (GABWA) has been a remarkable force for good since its founding in 1981. A voluntary bar organization, GABWA has a strong and active focus on addressing various women and children’s issues. Furthermore, it has been a strong supporter of African-American students, helping to place thousands of young scholars into the judiciary system or into public office. The organization has also been a strong political voice, assuming a hands-on approach to the many important political issues of our day. For these reasons and more, the attorneys and staff at Pope McGlamry have always been proud and honored supporters of GABWA.

Since 2002, GABWA has awarded well over $250,000 in scholarships to African-American women law students, offering them an opportunity to complete their legal education and jump starting their judiciary careers. Through their Atlanta-based, award-winning television show, “Legally Speaking,” GABWA has helped to educate hundreds of thousands of viewers on an assortment of legal topics. During election years, GABWA also sponsors debates and a variety of political fora to help educate voters on the different candidates and their platforms.

The law firm of Pope McGlamry is a firm believer in GABWA’s philosophy. Their mission of opening the door to a career in the judiciary system to people who might otherwise be excluded is an absolutely vital one, as is their passionate and uncompromising activism for the rights of women and children. These values mirrors those adopted by the attorneys at Pope McGlamry, who apply them each and every day in both their professional and personal lives. In reflection of this, Pope McGlamry is honored to support GABWA’s scholarship and Sister-to-Sister mentorship programs, as well as help in GABWA’s ongoing assistance towards victims of HIV/AIDS. We hope to continue our relationship with GABWA well into the future.