PMKM’s NFL Concussion Lawsuits Featured on ESPN’s “Outside the Lines”

On Super Bowl Sunday, ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” focused its entire show on the recent lawsuits against the NFL related to the long term effects of concussions troubling former players. The show went in to some depth in discussing the allegation that the NFL had for years misled players concerning the risks associated with concussions. Similar to the tobacco litigation, the NFL’s committee on concussions spent years downplaying independent research showing the casual link between head injuries in football and long term cognitive issues.

PMKM’s Mike McGlamry was featured in the segment, along with PMKM clients Jamal Lewis and Dorsey Levens. You can see a segment from the show here.

You can learn more about these lawsuits at our “NFL Concussion Lawsuits” page or on our “Pro Football Concussion Law Firm” website. If you suffer from the long-term effects of concussions sustained during your professional playing career, contact Pope, McGlamry, Kilpatrick, Morrison & Norwood, P.C. today and schedule a free consultation. We can help you obtain the compensation to which you are entitled.