Pope McGlamry Announce Proposed Concussion Settlement With NFL and Former Football Players

Pope McGlamry, has announced a proposed settlement between thousands of former football players and the National Football League.

Under the proposed settlement, the NFL will pay $765 million. The settlement, which Senior U.S. District Judge Anita Brody outlined Thursday, will provide immediate medical support to retired NFL players as well as fund new brain injury research and safety programs aimed at making the sport safer.

In light of the Court’s leaning on the pending Motions to Dismiss, the Plaintiff’s Leadership, including Pope McGlamry, believe this settlement is fair and will provide seriously injured former players medical assessment, treatment, and significant compensation.

Final documentation is being completed. Judge Brody will then schedule a hearing to consider whether to grant preliminary approval. If the settlement receives preliminary approval, the retired players will be given an opportunity to file objections. Judge Brody will then hold a hearing to consider whether to grant final approval. A precise schedule is expected in the coming weeks.

The agreement, which is projected to protect former players for nearly 60 years, provides immediate compensation to severely injured retired players as well as baseline assessments and medical benefits to those who are symptom-free or beginning to show signs of neurocognitive deficit.

Players with demonstrated cognitive injury, now or in the future, will be able to obtain a monetary award.  The decisions regarding who qualifies and the amount of the award will be made by independent doctors and fund administrators agreed upon by the parties, and the federal court in Philadelphia will retain ultimate oversight.

Retired players who suffer severe neurological conditions in the future will also be eligible to apply for medical support.