Judge Brody approved the modified NFL Settlement Agreement

On Monday, July 7th, 2014, Judge Brody preliminarily approved the modified NFL Settlement Agreement proposed to the Court on June 25th, 2014. Judge Brody issued a Memorandum explaining her approval, and an Order granting preliminary approval of the Settlement.

The Settlement Agreement provides for $10 Million for education programs, $75 Million for a Baseline Assessment Program for the former players, and an uncapped Monetary Award Fund to compensate all former players with qualified diagnoses over the course of the 65-year lifetime of the Settlement.

Additionally, as part of her Order, Judge Brody appointed Pope McGlamry partner Mike McGlamry as Of Counsel for the administration of the NFL Concussion Litigation Settlement. Over the next few weeks, all known Retired NFL Players, their Representative and/or Derivative Claimants, and their individual attorneys will be sent a copy of the Long-Form Notice. The Long-Form Notice contains all of the relevant dates pertaining to Retired NFL Players and the next steps of the Settlement process.