Johnson & Johnson Refuses To Overturn ASR Hip Implant Verdict

This past week a judge in California rejected DePuy Orthopaedics’ attempt to have an $8.3 million injury lawsuit involving the company’s recalled hip implants dismissed. Judge Stephen Czuleger rejected the request for a new trial by Johnson & Johnson’s DePuy subsidiary. Czuleger instead upheld the jury decision reached in March of this year which found that the company’s all-metal implants were defectively designed.

J&J Tries To Reverse Decision

The hip implant maker announced after the $8.3 million verdict was handed down that it would try and reverse the decision. The need by J&J to overturn the damaging verdict was important to avoid the company suffering an expensive loss in the first of the many thousands of cases filed against the company over the metal-on-metal hip devices which patient’s say led to serious injuries. J&J will still seek reversal of the verdict through the appellate courts.

Motion Denied

Judge Czuleger said that J&J’s motion was denied because the plaintiff in the case provided sufficient evidence to establish that the products were indeed defective in their design.

The case in question was filed by Loren Kransky, a prison guard from Montana who received an ASR XL hip implant made by DePuy and then suffered serious health problems after the device failed and needed to be removed. According to Kransky’s attorney, the man endured constant pain after the failure of the implant and was even forced to use a wheelchair after becoming unable to walk on the bad hip. The jury found that DePuy defectively designed the metal-on-metal hip implant and was negligent in doing so.

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Source: “J&J’s DePuy can’t dodge $8.3M metal hip implant verdict,” by Arezu Sarvestani, published at