Class Action Settlement Reached in Consumer Class Action against Wellnx

Lawyers at Pope, McGlamry, Kilpatrick, Morrison, & Norwood LLP, have helped settle a national class-action lawsuit on behalf of consumers who purchased the products SLIMQUICK, NV and Liquid Hoodia Extreme and several other products manufactured by Wellnx.

Around the winter of 2007, several Plaintiffs filed a series of sixteen class action lawsuits in various states against Wellnx alleging violations of various states’ consumer protection laws. Specifically, Plaintiffs alleged that Wellnx made false and misleading statements in the labeling and advertising of its products. The lawsuits were ultimately consolidated and the parties have now reached a proposed settlement agreement. The consumer class action is an efficient and effective mechanism of protecting the rights of innocent consumers.

Lawyers from Pope McGlamry, along with other firms served as lead counsel on the case, which alleged that the products did not contain the ingredients they were advertised to contain. The Pope McGlamry, lawyers served on the steering committee on the Multi-District Litigation.

If you purchased any of these products between January 1 of 2003 and August 5 of this year, you are entitled to a refund of $14 for one bottle or $28 for two or more bottles purchased. You do not have to provide a proof of purchase. Just download the form from the Wellnx settlement website and return it by October 24, 2011. The Wellnx settlement website is

Consumers of the products are encouraged to fill out their forms as soon as possible, as the deadline to submit online or mailed claims for reimbursement is October 24, 2011. Mailed claim forms must be postmarked by the deadline date. Consumers of the products are reminded that no proof of purchase is necessary to be reimbursed for their purchases.

Hundreds of millions of bottles of SLIMQUICK, NV and Liquid Hoodia Extreme were sold nationally, with SLIMQUICK being the largest selling item. They were sold over the counter with no prescription needed.

Consumers who purchased these products have several ways to participate in the litigation. They can submit a claim, which is the only way to get cash payment. The claim must be postmarked by October 24, 2011, in order to receive reimbursement. The consumers may exclude themselves and get no cash payment. This is the only option that allows the consumer to be part of any other lawsuit concerning the issues being settled now. This request must also be postmarked by October 24, 2011. The consumer may also comment on the settlement, in which they can write to the Court about why you support or oppose the proposed Settlement. These comments must also be postmarked by October 24, 2011. And finally, the consumers may participate in a hearing to speak in Court about the proposed Settlement at the Final Hearing on November 17, 2011.

If you or a loved one purchased any of the products listed above, please go to the Wellnx settlement website to learn more.