Concussion Information

One Third of NFL Players Will Suffer from Concussion-Induced Brain Trauma

Public debate over the NFL’s proposed concussion settlement has reignited with the start of the 2014–15 season. Controversy over the League’s handling of the problem has been further fueled by the recent release of medical data, which details the long-term effects of the concussions received by professional football players. According to the report, which was […]

New Concussion Guidelines Announced for NFL Helmet Makers

The NFL concussion saga continues, with concussion rates falling only slightly — by 13 percent — during the most recent season. The NFL remains under fire for their slow and often ineffectual approach to the frequent occurrence of concussions. In an effort to take further action, the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment […]

Study Concludes Altitude May Impact Concussion Rates

In a surprising study published in the Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy, researcher say they have discovered that altitude may have an important effect on the damage caused by concussions. Scientists studying the issue say that data indicates that games played at higher altitudes routinely see diminished concussion rates than those played at […]