4th Annual Wishing Tree Challenge Goes the Extra Mile

Now in its fourth year, Pope McGlamry has successfully completed its 2017 Wishing Tree Challenge, an annual Christmas program that benefits Atlanta-area victims of domestic violence and human trafficking. This year, the program granted the holiday wishes of more than 45 women and children—and then took its philanthropic challenge one step further.

The International Women’s House (IWH) shelter sent Christmas wish cards that were displayed on the firm’s Wishing Tree. The attorneys, firm staff and other members of the legal community selected wishes from the tree to fulfill each resident’s wish. In addition to granting each wish from the tree, the firm extended its act of kindness by sponsoring the shelter’s newly implemented Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) yoga program. PTSD yoga programs are becoming a growing trend across the country in helping women heal from the trauma of domestic abuse while reclaiming their lives through yoga. “The women residents at IWH will certainly benefit from this program and appreciate this very kind gesture. We are forever grateful for Pope McGlamry’s generosity for sponsoring our PTSD yoga program and for ensuring that each Christmas wish from the Wishing Tree was granted” said Anna Blau, Executive Director for the IWH.

“We were especially pleased to be able to go beyond our original goal of fulfilling Christmas wishes, and purchase yoga equipment for the shelter residents,” said attorney Mike McGlamry. “Yoga exercise and mindfulness training are very beneficial in helping to address the emotional issues of PTSD for victims of domestic abuse and we are delighted to contribute to those efforts.”

“We were very happy to have delivered on the wishes of each and every resident at the shelter this year,” said attorney Kirk Pope. “The firm extends its warm thanks and appreciation to the Atlanta-based State Bank & Trust Company as well as Webb & Taylor, LLC for partnering with the firm this year to bring each Christmas wish to life. We look forward to next year’s challenge and hope to have additional partners.”

As the only domestic violence shelter in Georgia equipped to provide services uniquely tailored to various backgrounds and cultural needs, IWH has helped care for over 3,000 refugees from more than 35 different countries. The Wishing Tree Challenge provides an opportunity for the legal community here in Atlanta to combine their efforts to share joy and the holiday spirit with those at IWH who have faced considerable hardship and loss, many of whom spend their first holiday season in the United States at the shelter.

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