$31 million awarded to 4 year old child in medical malpractice case against multiple healthcare professionals & clinics.

ATLANTA, Georgia. -- Pope McGlamry P.C. is pleased to announce that on Friday, September 21, 2018, their clients, Stacie Willis and her 4 year old son, referred to as Baby D due to privacy reasons, were awarded $31 million in a botched circumcision case in the State Court of Clayton County, Georgia before the Hon. Shalonda Jones-Parker. The malpractice suit was against Melissa Jones, Dr. Brian Register, Anne Sigouin, Life Cycle OB/GYN, LLC, Life Cycle Pediatrics, LLC, Dr. Abigail Kamishlian and Daffodil Pediatric and Family Medical Services, LLC.

About The Case

The botched circumcision, performed by Certified Nurse Midwife Melissa Jones, took place in October of 2013 at Life Cycle OB/GYN. The end of the child’s penis was caught in the Mogen clamp, causing the tip of the glans to be amputated. Dr. Brian Register, an OB/GYN and supervising physician, was then called in to help stop the hemorrhaging from the end of Baby D’s penis. The clinic’s owner, Anne Sigouin, who also owns Life Cycle Pediatrics, was called for assistance. Rather than provide critical information, Sigouin advised Dr. Register and Nurse Jones to call the boy's pediatrician, Dr. Abigail Kamishlian. Dr. Kamishlian advised that Ms. Willis should take her child home and go to the emergency department if the bleeding re-started.

None of the medical professionals informed Stacie Willis of the amputation or that the severed glans tissue had been preserved in a saline solution and stored in the lab refrigerator at Life Cycle. Multiple expert witnesses testified that a pediatric surgeon could have successfully reattached the tissue, if the procedure had been performed within 6-12 hours after the amputation. The tissue was discarded months later, still without informing Stacie Willis.

Negligent Acts

The first negligent act was the severing of the tissue and the second was failing to send Baby D and the tissue for emergency reattachment while the tissue was still viable. Baby D, who will turn 5 next month, has had four subsequent surgeries to attempt to mitigate the damage, both functionally and cosmetically, to his penis and urethra.

Pope McGlamry fought for a comprehensive reward which would not only help cover medical expenses, but for any and all pain and suffering that was inflicted on the child during the procedure.

“Baby D had the chance to have a normal childhood and life,” Neal Pope said. “That chance was stolen from him when the defendants performed a botched circumcision, [and] withheld key information, including the preserved tissue, from his mother, sealing his fate. The physical and psychological effects from this procedure will be life-long for Baby D.”

The $31 million award includes $780,000 for past and future medical expenses, as well as $30M in past, present and future pain and suffering, and will help provide counseling and support for Baby D to handle the trauma throughout his childhood and adulthood.

Pope McGlamry was honored to represent Stacie Willis and Baby D, and is dedicated to providing the best possible results for all of our clients.