Pope McGlamry’s Second Annual Wishing Tree

Pope McGlamry is organizing its second annual Wishing Tree campaign to benefit the International Women’s House (IWH) this holiday season.

How The Wishing Tree Works

PrintIWH aids victims of domestic violence and human trafficking, with an emphasis on immigrant and refugee women and children. During the 2015 Wishing Tree Campaign, resident families and families working with IWH sent Christmas wish cards to be displayed on Pope McGlamry’s Wishing Tree. During the holiday season, attorneys and staff of the firm picked cards from the tree to fulfill the wishes of the families at the shelter. More than 45 wishes of the resident women and children helped by IWH were granted—every single wish in the campaign.

Pope McGlamry has made the program an annual event for the holiday season. With gratitude and appreciation to Malone Law for partnering with us to help fulfill the wishes on last year’s Wishing Tree, the firm hopes to make this year’s campaign an even greater success by partnering with other law firms to help benefit the families at the IWH.

About IWH

IWH has aided residents and clients from over 50 countries on six continents. The organization not only helps with shelter, but also provides job training and placement, legal advocacy, mental and physical health assessments and more. For the victims of domestic violence and human trafficking who are residents and clients of IWH, the gift of a granted wish can bring hope and joy in the holiday season. Pope McGlamry looks forward to granting each wish again this year with the help of the legal community.

To join us or to find out more information, please contact Anthonia Spencer at anthoniaspencer@popemcglamry.com or phone 404-523-7706 by December 16, 2016.

To learn more about the International Women’s House, please visit internationalwomenshouse.org.