Roof Crush Accidents

Roof crush accidents occur when a vehicle rolls over as a result of an accident and the roof of the vehicle does not stay intact.  Instead, the roof crushes due to its inability to sustain the impact of the accident. When the roof of a vehicle crushes during an accident, it can cause the passenger to be crushed, or in some instances, cause the passenger to be ejected from the vehicle. In many cases, roof crush accidents result in catastrophic injuries and sometimes death.

Vehicle manufacturers are responsible for ensuring that crashworthy roofs are installed in the vehicles they manufacture, and should be held accountable for any injuries or deaths caused by a vehicle roof defect. Statistics show that almost 250,000 deaths are caused each year in the United States because of rollover accidents that involve the roof of the vehicle crushing. Had the roofs of these vehicles been correctly installed and certified as crashworthy, the passenger deaths due to rollover accidents would be significantly less.

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