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Takata Airbag Recall: Largest Auto Recall in American History

This past week, the Takata airbag recall became the largest in American history with close to 36 million Takata-equipped vehicles now recalled since 2008. Several days ago, Honda, Toyota, and Nissan recalled 11.5 million additional Takata-equipped vehicles after discovering that their airbag inflators may have been improperly sealed, allowing moisture to seep into their propellants. […]

Airbag Litigation Consolidated as the NHTSA Fines Takata

Having filed class action lawsuits in Georgia, North Carolina and Missouri against Takata and Honda, attorneys at Pope McGlamry are at the forefront of the nationwide Takata airbag litigation proceedings. The litigation was recently consolidated before the Honorable Judge Federico Moreno of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida. Takata Airbag […]

Pope McGlamry Attorneys Work to Consolidate Takata Airbag Litigation

A motion is now pending before the Judicial Panel on Multi-district Litigation (JPML) seeking the consolidation of the Takata litigation before a single federal judge. Pope McGlamry has a proven track record litigating mass tort cases and is currently at the forefront of efforts for consolidation of these cases before the Honorable Chief Judge Thomas […]

Takata May Face Federal Investigation for Faulty Airbags

Already the target of multiple lawsuits, including one recently filed in Georgia by Pope McGlamry, Takata Corporation may now be facing a Federal investigation. Three U.S. Senators have called for a criminal investigation of the company after reviewing evidence that the airbag manufacturer had conducted secret tests on their defective airbags four years prior to […]

Nissan Expands Airbag Recall

After recalling over one million vehicles in early 2014, Nissan has issued a new recall order for another 226,000 cars. While both batches were called in for malfunctioning airbags, the types of issues that have plagued Nissan differ between the recalls. Whereas the initial order targeted automobiles suffering from faulty sensors, Nissan’s latest announcement focuses […]

Takata to Take a Significant Financial Loss for Faulty Airbags

Takata is facing a net financial loss for the fiscal year of 2014–15 for its liability in the recent spur of automobile recalls. Over nine automakers have issued recalls for over 11 million vehicles which have been identified for employing Takata-manufactured airbags. The airbag modules use propellants that are known to malfunction under certain conditions. […]

GM Airbag Defects Related to Faulty Ignition Switch?

A Siemens VDO Automotive report, recently released by a congressional committee responsible for the investigation of General Motors and the firm’s ongoing vehicle component problems, may suggest a link between the faulty ignition switches and airbag defects — both currently affecting a variety of the corporation’s automobile models. While the Siemens analysis did not explicitly establish […]

BMW Expands Takata Airbags Recall to Series 3 Models

Adding to the growing number of automobile models being recalled for defective airbags, BMW announced a recall of 1.6 million 3 Series vehicles on 16 July, 2014. Already, over 10 million cars have been recalled throughout the United States and worldwide for problems with defective Takata airbags. The latest BMW recall has been termed a […]

Honda Expands Airbag Recall

After ordering an initial recall on 25 June 2014, Honda expanded the operation by over one million additional vehicles in early July. The extended recall not only applies to a larger number of vehicles but also includes a wider range of states in the United States. The Japanese automaker was urged to action after becoming aware of […]

GM to Halt Sales and Recall Chevy Cruze

Already under heavy scrutiny for defects in their older model vehicles, including the popular Chevy Silverado truck, General Motors (GM) recently issued a second stop-sale order for their Chevrolet Cruze. An estimated 33,000 Cruzes are suspected to suffer from a defect in the airbag system, supplied by the Japanese manufacturer Takata. This follows a wave of […]